Phoenix Marketcity Pune’s Fabulous MEGACON: Shopping, Gaming and Beauty!

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Punekars, we’re about to have some serious fun this month! Phoenix Marketcity Pune is curating a month-long pop cultural extravaganza for its shoppers to experience the best of Pop Culture from across Asia under its roof from September 20 until October 6, 2019!

Every weekend is an opportunity to shop, have a bunch of fun and engage in several activities, contests and indulge in an exciting shopping experience with Animecon, K-Beautycon and Gamecon at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune.


Gamecon is a hub to celebrate the spirit of E-Sports, now a global phenomenon. Visitors will be able to participate in competitions from Retro Challenge and Street Fighter to Tekken. They will also have an opportunity to come and enjoy free-to-play games at the event. The Competition will also host table-top Games and talk with leading professionals and practitioners in the field. The event will also focus on encouraging voice in the field with several Prizes and Hampers to be won!


Dates: September 20-22, 2019

Free Entry


K-Beautycon is a celebration of beauty, art and aestheticism. It’s not a collection of brands but a celebration of cosmetic philosophy. K-Beautycon is focused on empowering passionate youth and channeling a new discourse on beauty, wellness, entrepreneurship and livelihood through the world of beauty.

This event will showcase some of the leading K-Beauty brands for the first time under one roof. The event will feature a series of talks, panel discussions and workshops with leading K-Beauty Brands, artists, bloggers and influencers during the three-day event. K-Beautycon is the leading torch bearer and mecca for the new-age cohort of the Insta Generation.

Dates: September 27-29, 2019

Free Entry


Animecon is a three-day event based on creating a forum and dialogue between emerging Pop-Culture mediums, namely Anime Manga and Cosplay. The Anime convention offers a collage of masterclasses, workshops, competitions, Manga Lounge, a Cosplay Booth along with merchandise exhibitors and performances with a healthy dose of Cosplay competition and exciting prizes for all Otakus, Geeks and fans to participate and become part of this beautiful cultural experience.

Dates: October 4-6, 2019

Entry Free


Phoenix Marketcity Pune’s Megacon is a fantastic opportunity for Punekars of almost every age group! From school kids and their parents to college students, young professionals and entrepreneurs can participate and engage at their events with a holistic mixture of fun, learning and shopping! So, Pune peeps, see you guys at the mall!

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