Phoenix Marketcity Pune’s Christmas Tinsel Town is DREAMY!

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Pune people, are we ready for a glittering Christmas? Phoenix Marketcity, Pune sure is! The mall has been transformed into a gorgeous Christmas Tinsel Town, where the entrance gives the illusion of a fabulous castle! The theme was unveiled by Lauren Gottlieb along with kids from the Shiksha Seva Foundation.


The city’s most popular luxury retail establishment, the mall’s decor truly reflects its innate panache. Just like the very thought of the holiday season approaching excites us, Christmas itself brings with it a special mood for shopping, don’t you think?



Taking inspiration from the Jazz era when everything was about elegance, luxury, glamour and exuberance, Phoenix Marketcity Pune has been transformed into a magnificent Christmas wonderland.

The decor has been carefully fashioned with Christmas motifs- lustrous danglers, snowflakes, pole lights, crystals and twinkling rice lights- showcasing a musical and magical ambience for its visitors.


The highlight of the decor is the 50 ft. Christmas Tree standing tall and proud in the mall’s South Entrance lobby. The tree is decked with twinkling lights, reindeer sculptures, and colourful baubles, with a star tree topper.

Happy holidays, you guys! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune!

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