Phoenix Marketcity Pune Used Waste to Craft a Magnificent Sheep Booth!

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Phoenix Marketcity, Pune has outdone itself with unusual and outstanding décor yet again. Wait, is anyone surprised? We sure aren’t! Over the years, we’ve seen them take giant leaps forward with tremendous excitement and this time around is nothing less than fabulous. Are you ready to be awestruck? Introducing ‘The Sheep Booth’ installation!


They’ve brought back those nostalgic days of us using rotary dial telephones, taking us down memory lane, but with a fantastic and quirky twist- the phony golden sheep!

Making the best use of waste lying around and using more than 5000 wires for the complete decoration, the designers have crafted a bizarre yet beautiful flock of sheep that instantly grab a visitors’ attention.



Don’t just sign off yet, there’s more exciting news! The Winter/Festive 2019 collection is now in all the big-branded stores so we have two reasons to head to Phoenix Marketcity, pronto!

Let’s gather the squad and head over because neither do we want to miss out on a selfie at the Sheep Booth, nor the new trends and collections! Right, Pune?

Here are some more pictures of the amazing Sheep Booth because even we couldn’t get enough!


So, see you at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures!

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