Phoenix Marketcity Pune gives a 1948 Aston Martin a Fabulous Spring Makeover!

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Well hello, summer! Pune and Punekars sure know how to welcome this season with hearty joy! But you know who’s welcomed it with some mega fanfare? Phoenix Marketcity Pune just did something amazingly fresh that’s unheard of before- they’ve given a fabulous spring makeover to an Aston Martin 1948 model that now stands proud bang in the middle of the city’s largest lifestyle and shopping mall!


Phoenix Marketcity Pune takes seasonal themes very seriously and this one, aptly called the Spring Universe, is definitely something to feast our eyes upon. We simply fell in love with this Pok-A-Dot Aston, perfectly done up with spring hues and polka dots, while being adorned with summer blooms and butterflies.

The Aston martin 2-Litre Sports was a car sold from 1948 to 1950, the company’s very first product sold under its new owner, David Brown. Only 15 of them were produced and sold!


Phoenix Marketcity Pune, take a bow because you’ve outdone yourself once again this season!


Pune peeps, don’t forget to tag us and Phoenix Marketcity Pune in your pictures of this delightful décor when you come across it!

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