Phoenix Marketcity Pune Celebrated World Lipstick Day for a Great Cause!

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There are several events and days in this world which go beyond just the formality of doing something for just the sake of it. They mean something, they have a history behind it, and those who celebrate it are claiming that they too acknowledge and support the history and the cause behind it.

One such day is the World Lipstick Day, which is celebrated on July 29th each year. This year, Phoenix Marketcity Pune went a step beyond and celebrated it royally and with the entire glamour the day deserves, and with a cause no less!

PuneThe history behind this glamorous day is anything but glamorous. The day itself stands for free will, independence and the strength it takes to make your own decisions and stand by it. It is said that in 1770, the British Parliament banned lipsticks because they claimed that women used it to trick men into marriage.

While this is the British story, some nations associated wearing lipstick with witchcraft. All these hindrances proved enough for women all over the world to restrict themselves from wearing lipstick, up until the modern era when they decided to oppose all the orthodox beliefs and stand for what they believed in.



While the rest of the world celebrates this day every year with several different events, Phoenix Marketcity Pune celebrated it extremely warmly with the help of some lovely ladies. On Sunday, July 28th, Phoenix decided to go for a record attempt. The record was for the maximum lipstick applications in a span of 8 hours!

The event received a tremendous response and over a 1000 women participated! Phoenix Marketcity Pune had already announced that the more women participated, the more they would donate to Karishma Care Foundation. The event was powered by Colorbar, and it was truly astonishing how women of all ages participated in the event.


This beautiful and empowering event just goes on to show that Pune and one of its biggest lifestyle brands can stand for something and literally, create record feats. A huge Kudos to Phoenix Marketcity Pune and for the ladies of our city for pulling this off!

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