Phoenix Marketcity Pune Becomes India’s First Mall to Make a Valentine’s Day Film

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Hiya, Pune peeps! How’s it going? How did you celebrate the day of Love? How do you think the city’s ultimate fashion and lifestyle destination celebrated it? With something unusual and fabulous, of course!

Phoenix Marketcity Pune has done it yet again; something new, out of the box and downright amazing! The mall tied up with Ishq Quickies – 104.2 Mirchi Love and 104.8 Ishq to bring us something beyond beautiful. Together, they created a heartwarming short film, featuring Siddharth Menon and Mrinmayee Godbole who play the characters of Sahil and Nandita.


The aim of the film is to show that if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, hit the mall! You never know who you’ll run into and where it could lead.


Siddharth and Mrinmayee have played their parts to perfection; they’ll really make you want to head to the mall right away!

So, people, the message of love is bright and clear; let Phoenix Marketcity Pune play cupid this year and help you find your fit and fall in love!

You can watch the film here!

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