Pandemic, productivity and Punekars

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It’s been six whole months since we’ve had to learn to adjust our lives to the new normal. The city once woke up at the crack of dawn to welcome the crisp cold breeze on its tekdis and a steaming hot cup of chaha there. The day ended again at the usual spots where friends met, food was shared with a side of never-ending stories. All this came to a screeching halt since 22nd March (Woah, this date seems surreal, doesn’t it?) rolled in.

But let me ask you guys one thing. Don’t you think that there was a little bit of silver lining to this dark cloud of lockdown? It truly brought out our creativity which had remained latent because we were too preoccupied with the external stimuli.

Let me elaborate on the new-found expressions of creativity of our fellow Punekars!

1 DIY activities

Right from home-stitched super cute masks to elaborate hand-drawn art pieces, every house now boasts of something that its maker has diligently crafted! Techies who usually buried their heads in laptops, picked up pencil and paper to sketch. Medical students started to make hilarious comics using their own thick books as inspirations.

Have you guys made something you’re extremely proud of? Share it with us on Instagram @thepunekar.

We surely do miss the chaha and vada-pav break at our offices, but sitting at home and working alongside our loved ones has its own charm!

2 Unique daily schedules

With no commuting and therefore no chance of being stuck in Nal Stop traffic for ungodly hours, our friends started using this time to meditate and exercise! Or just staring at the chirping birds and the beautiful canopy of the tree outside their windows. A new appreciation for our green city, isn’t it?

3 Work From home habits!

We surely do miss the chaha and vada-pav break at our offices, but sitting at home and working alongside our loved ones has its own charm! The sofas, beds, dining tables have become the new working spaces, and living rooms, balconies and bedrooms the new conference rooms. Better than the uncomfortable cubicle, am I right?

4 Newly found hobbies

A huge shout out to our gourmet home chefs! Once upon a time, Maggi was all that they could rustle up. But as the favourite eateries shut and the deliveries were greeted by a huge scolding from moms, they had to fulfil all their cravings right at home. Soon the number of culinary disasters went down and delicious food started rolling out of the kitchen, making the entire friend list super jealous.

Show us some of your gourmet adventures! Share them with us on Instagram @thepunekar.

5 Virtual meets with friends

Best friends’ birthday party, engagement ceremonies, Saturday nights, celebrations — everything moved to the online platforms. The creativity there had no bounds! Dance challenges, fun videos, and even the virtual cheers were enjoyed by every one of us. Thank god for the internet! We would have definitely gone crazy without it!

6 Fleeting coffee dates

Not meeting the significant other during this time was so difficult. Even when the restrictions were eased a bit, there was not much to do. This is when the couples had to get creative. Grocery shop meetups, stolen glances with half-covered faces, roadside coffee dates, and around the city car rides became so precious. Through all this, we did make it work, didn’t we?

At the end of the day, one always finds a way. Till then, be strong and let the creative juices flow. 

Got a creative story of your own? We would love to hear it! Write to us editor@thepunekar.


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