Only a Puneri Monsoon Can Give You These Feels

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Did you know that the smell of the first rain after a long, dry and warm period is called petrichor? I didn’t, at least not until Buzzfeed told me. What I did know is how it made me feel.

The first lightning strikes the sky. The sound of thunder reaches the ears. The entire city breathes a long sigh of relief. When the first rain-drops begin to fall, it feels as though life has come to a stand-still. I could imagine, that for one second, everyone has stopped what they are doing to look up at the skies and let the rain hit their parched faces. In that single moment, I think everybody is somehow connected, breathing in the arrival of the monsoon.

It makes me feel somehow light hearted and dreamy; a sense of calm that only the pitter-patter of raindrops can bring. It makes me crave hot bhaji’s, enjoying them huddled under the dilapidated shelter of a stall. It makes me feel like running head-first into the downpour so the warmth of my adrak Chai feels all the more welcome.

The monsoon arrives with adventures of its own. Lazy weekends, hiding from the summer heat, are replaced with treks in the Sahyadri ranges. Suddenly the outdoors become much more appealing, with many activities to do nearby – kayaking, rappelling, trekking and more.


The disruptions that the monsoons bring – the long traffic jams and the drenched feet – are easily overlooked. The sound of incessant honking is lost to the crashing sound of the rain. The delay of waiting in the jam goes unnoticed while listening to old romantic Hindi songs. The power cut turns into a special candle-lit evening. Pune’s monsoons have a way of turning simple things into beautiful experiences.

The city starts to turn a beautiful shade of bright green as the monsoons wash over it. The strong breeze ruffles the trees as the sun shies away behind the clouds spreading a soft glow. The oncoming rainy season slowly takes the entire city under its spell, where it’s somehow always dusk. Pune drips of romance, quite literally.

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