Northies, Craving Authentic Punjabi Paronthe & Lassi in Pune?

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Are you that lost soul from Delhi missing home food topped with plenty of fresh butter? Teri Rajput Dairy eatery is most definitely the place to head for, if you are on the lookout for some yummy butter topped aloo parathas and cold lassi – Delhi style. Teri Rajput Dairy has stood the test of time. From their humble beginnings of selling milk, paneer and dahi, this one has come a long way. People who live in the vicinity of Koregaon Park will vouch for their paneer and dahi. The young office goers, who come here in large numbers, for lunch, may just change their jobs if this eatery changed its location.

The origins of Teri Rajput Dairy can be traced back to over three decades. The Punjabi family obviously took the food business very seriously and steadily expanded the place into its current avatar. The amazing thing about the place is that they will not offer you any menu card. The waiter merely pointed out to the menu card printed boldly on the wall near the reception area. But then, only the new entrants need to look at their menu card. The regulars, who make up the bulk of the customers, simply walk in and pay at the counter while specifying the particular paratha they wish to order. Well, the choice is between the methi paratha, onion paratha, gobi paratha , and the ever popular aloo paratha. They are all in the range of Rs. 65-80. The parathas are definitely larger than you get in most restaurants. I found that the most popular lunchtime items were Chhole Bhature and the vegetarian thali priced reasonably again at Rs.70-80.

Of course, you get tea/coffee and some south Indian snacks like Idl-Wada, all in the range of Rs. 20-30 as well as the ever popular Wada Pav for the uninitiated. The sweet dishes are again mainly north Indian which include Ras Malai and Angur Malai!

At the end of my meal, I can say that it was definitely a place where I got my money’s worth. If you are not looking out for great ambience and personalized service, missing the Delhi-style parathas and lassi, or just need to grab a quick bite on an office day, Teri Rajput is just what you were looking for!


– One of the few real Punjabi paratha joints in Pune.
– Freshly cooked food which is reasonably priced.
– Generous quantities of fresh butter in the Lassi and Parathas.

– Limited seating.
– Menu is limited.
– Service orientation is rather low and at times none.
– Hardly any place to even stand during mealtimes.

Address: Teri Rajput Dairy, Sukhwani Park, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001

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