Star Trek: Into Darkness – A non-fan review

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Not a ‘Trekkie’. Never was. Wouldn’t be wrong to state that I booked tickets to this movie only because I’m a huge ‘Big Bang Theory’ fan and Benedict Cumberbatch makes me go weak in my knees. Fifteen minutes into the movie, and you figure out that it’s okay to not have watched the last 11 movies from the ST franchise. Being a non-fan, I was prepared to take a nap every now and then. However, this film keeps you awake, courtesy Capt. James ‘I have perfect hair’ Kirk (Chris Pine) who, needless to say, breaks the rules with ease, and then, there’s Zachary Quinto aka Mister Spock who plays Kirk so well, you can’t not love their chemistry.

So, the movie begins with some killer galaxy hopping. Then, enters John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), the melodramatic mastermind who loves blowing things up and is an arch manipulator. To call him a villain would be incorrect; at one instance in the movie, you see him saving asses of our heroes! To go any further would be a spoiler (like this wasn’t a spoiler already). But you do see Cumberbatch going back to Sherlock at many instances. Cold, determined and blessed with superior intelligence. Meh, maybe that’s how he speaks. Or maybe, you’re blown away by his character. All said and done, he’s a treat to watch.

The action and effects remind you of the video games you played in your teens. The space scenes, in particular, look frickin’ gorgeous and to some extent, funny. Really, jumping in and out of the ship in space like it’s child’s play? Nevertheless, if you have Sci-Fi in your veins and a penchant for things that go boom, you’ll love every bit of the film. If not, the 3D is so convincing you’d jump up on your seat with stuff hitting right into your face. Still not convinced? The blond bombshell Carol Marcus strips in front of Kirk. Enough said.

And oh, live long and prosper!


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