New Poona Bakery – Pune’s Very Own Iconic Bakery Chain

A heritage brand!

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Bakeries are such an integral part of a Punekar’s life! The traditions introduced by the British during their rule inspired an era of bakeries which would soon follow even after the East India Company’s departure. The art and history of baking might have been introduced to us by the British, but we developed and refined it according to our own taste and demands.

Whole Wheat Khari

Established almost fifty years ago, the New Poona Bakery is of the oldest bakery chains in Pune. A popular name among several generations of Punekars, this bakery has a soft spot in every heart. A source of culinary pride for us Punekars, New Poona Bakery is our heritage brand.

Serving a range of sweet and savory delicacies, I personally have a lot of birthday and school memories attached to this place. May it be freshly baked breads (all kinds!) to cakes, cookies, and cream rolls, New Poona Bakery has been a stalwart bakery source for Pune.



However, the food item they’re most popularly linked to is of course, their Vegetable Pattice. The crispy triangular puff pastry was revolutionized by New Poona Bakery. Unlike the rectangular ones sold by other bakeries, New Poona Bakery changed the shape as well as the filling; their ‘pattices’ are crispier and spicier than others.

It’s a strong feeling to remember that a single and humble outlet has grown to become a large bakery chain. 100+ New Poona Bakery outlets can be found scattered all across our city.

Vanilla Cream Roll

Mr. Bhushan R Giramkar, the owner of New Poona Bakery, wasn’t sure of working in the restaurant or hospitality industry when he started out. Upon some serious encouragement by his father, which he is now glad for, Mr. Giramkar grudgingly gave up his dream of becoming a doctor and focused his attention on the family business.

What’s funny is that he missed his doctor’s entrance by just one mark! Just one mark and the tides of destiny would have taken him somewhere else. Today, he is glad that the family business beckoned him; it has changed everything for him.

Just like typical Punekars in the 80s, New Poona Bakery initially wasn’t excited at the prospect of expanding into branches. However, they went on to become the first ones to change and start three of them. These three branches would later branch out into 100+ outlets, thus giving a strong example of why change is necessary in every industry.

Noodles’ Puff

Today, New Poona Bakery has changed not just their branding and décor, but also their menu. They now serve more than just the traditional bakery items, they have also introduced their very own café which sells Tea, Coffee, Schezwan and Manchurian rolls and puffs, which are just as delicious as their baked items.

It’s a proud and satisfying feeling that a small Pune business has grown to become a reputable name in the culinary industry of the city, thus setting new expectations and giving steady hope to all the closet bakers and bakery enthusiasts!

All bakery item images by New Poona Bakery via Instagram

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