Music Lovers – Take Off On The Road To Rastafa

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Rastafa is a quaint little place located near what happens to be the biggest Pashankar Audi showroom in India currently on the NH4 Pune Mumbai Highway near Pashan-Sus Road. Rastafa, according to the urban dictionary is one who believes in freedom of self.

Located on the service road while going from Chandani Chowk towards Mumbai, Rastafa has a flashy neon sign which you just cannot miss. There is a small staircase which takes you to the restaurant and by looking at the ambience you immediately get a comfortable and calm feeling. Wonderfully spaced out and subtly colourful, the ambience looks conventional but when added together, it speaks a lot for itself.

Beautiful seating arrangement
Beautiful seating arrangement

Beyond the seating arrangement, there is a bar arena with wall hangings filled with beautiful handwriting in different colours. These chalk boards describe the Chef’s Specials for the day, along with interesting quotes which are worth a read. On the right side of the bar is a small, slightly elevated stage. Rastafa hosts a full bar and serves North Indian as well as Continental cuisines. The seafood served here is cooked to perfection and is delicious. All the items on the Chef’s Special menu are up to the mark so you can simply go ahead and order any of them. Their Italian food also deserves a special mention. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian lasagnes are good. The North Indian favourite Butter Chicken is absolutely mouth-watering and delicious. Presentation of the food is done professionally and the service is good too. The restaurant staff is friendly and know what they are serving really well. Even though the pricing is slightly on the higher side, it is still worth it.


A band performing at Rastafa on a weekend
A band performing at Rastafa on a weekend

Coming back to the elevated stage, this is meant for hosting local artists who play some of their beautiful compositions and covers through the evening. What is interesting is that each guest of the restaurant contributes to the artist’s performance as well and that is an interesting and rare feature for a restaurant in Pune. This adds to the fun factor and also makes it an apt restaurant for music lovers.

So if one of the days, you feel like going on a drive to the outskirts of the city and want to experience quiet and fine dining, you know that Rastafa is the place to go to.

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