MUSCP – Pune’s Official Manchester United Supporters’ Club

Pune's Red Army!

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“Pune’s Red Army!”

Yes, we have our very own red army. We are passionate, loyal, and crazy supporters of the best football club in the world- Manchester United!

So football, and especially EPL- English Premier League, is tremendously popular in our city. A lot of people support various clubs from the league and now with our city’s very own team gaining success in India’s football league, football is at an all-time high. For such times, every football fan needs to find a group where he can join his voice. That’s what football is, right? Win or lose, to watch it with fellow supporters makes all the difference.


My introduction to MUSCP – Manchester United Supporters’ Club Pune, happened to be a very sweet accident. MUSCP is popular for their club events and most importantly, for managing match screenings at a sport’s bar in the city. I decided to grab a drink on match day, thinking that it would be a nice change to watch it there. What I wasn’t expecting was a tide of supporters- wearing red, extremely loud, and carefree. For a second I stood there, and voila, MUSCP entered my life!

The supporters club, which was started just as a passion, has been now recognized as an official supporters’ club by Manchester United. It’s a huge success and something to be proud of, considering their humble beginnings. Yes, they too had their growing pains, but where there’s passion, success is just a step away. The club has roughly four hundred people and a lot of them are present for the most important job- cheering at the screenings. The club is also massively active on all social media platforms, but true fun is being a part of their Whatsapp group. Lots of banter, club news, match discussions, and of course, venting if the team loses.

If you do decide to become an official member (after paying their club fees) you get the supporters’ shirt, a wristband, and a thank you note from Jose Mourinho himself! Along with that, you can also join several other events like five-a-side football matches, trekking, and of course, screenings. You’ll never be celebrating alone once you’re a part of the supporters’ club. The club also has an official Youtube channel now, so you can see all the amazing activities and the members there. This club is an absolute necessity for any Manchester United supporter. If you want to be a part of it, hit them up on their Facebook page!

All image credits – MUSCP, Facebook.

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