MSRTC Appoints 163 Female Bus Drivers in Pune!

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Pune: As gender stereotypes get burned down day by day, more and more organizations are giving women bigger responsibilities for what used to be male dominant jobs. From food delivery companies to commuting organisations, in a lot of cases equality is being preached and practiced fluently; an incredibly positive sight for our country and economy.

In this latest development, Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has recruited 163 female drivers who are now undergoing training. The induction ceremony was presided over by former President Pratibha Patil, wherein she handed over employment letters to 163 women, inaugurating their training program. *huge applause*

Image by Sakal Times

In the official press release, it has been stated that MSRTC changed a few dire rules for recruiting female drivers. Previously, the criteria for a state transport employment letter a driver required to have at least three years of heavy vehicle driving experience along with the Heavy motor vehicle (HMV) license.


For recruiting female drivers, this rule has been altered and the requirement has been reduced to one year of LMV Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) driving experience. This has been done in order to expand recruitment horizons and to ensure that female drivers aren’t left out anymore.

Image by Rahul Raut via Hindustan Times

Similarly, it was previously required for a driver to have a height of at least 160 cm, but now a height of 153 cm is required for a female driver to be eligible to drive the state transport bus. These female drivers will be first trained and then inducted into the state transport program.

State Transport Minister Diwakar Raote, who was present for the program, added that the state will encourage and inspire more female drivers in the future. The state will also guarantee their safety and security.

Currently, our state has 36,000 male drivers and there’s hope that in the next ten years, we’d get at least 10,000 female drivers.

Feature image by @shrikantchandan via Instagram

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