Mobycy Bicycles – Green Initiative Solution for Pune

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Living in a city means being surrounded by a huge concrete jungle. The fast-paced life in Pune offers little to no chances for focusing on fitness. We all have somewhere to be, something to do just about all the time. So it’s essential that we take some time out for ourselves, for a healthier and longer life.

However, if you live a life as crazy and occupied as I do, chances are that your schedule is going be pretty jam-packed. Thankfully, certain organisations have identified this problem and have come up with amazing solutions. One such company happens to be Mobycy; with their amazing fitness initiative, they’re getting more and more Punekars involved in a healthy lifestyle.

Mobycy Pune

Mobycy has built a well-thought out bicycle system which solves three main problems – pollution, traffic, lack of fitness. They are India’s first dockless bicycle system which functions via their app. The initiative focuses on encouraging Punekars to bicycle their way through short distances- this way, the cycle trend can be brought back and multiple issues can be resolved at the same time.


Mobycy has installed two hundred bicycles in key locations of the city- IT parks, Symbiosis Viman Nagar, Baner and Aundh, Airport area, and some other residential areas. The bicycles can be hired through the Mobycy app. The CEO of Mobycy has launched the system in Pune because of the vast amount of students and young professionals. He promises to increase the number of rental bicycles upon a positive response, and looking at how popular these bikes are now, it seems like a concrete future possibility. The prices have been subsidized keeping the college target group in mind.

Mobycy App Pune

Their green technology app is easy to use. You just download it, then locate a bike near you, just like you locate cabs on an app. Then you scan the QR code on the bikes to unlock their main locks. Ride, and when you’re done, click on the Finish Ride option on the app and park it somewhere responsible. It’s that easy!

Some of the massive key highlights and benefits of the Mobycy initiative are – Their integrated GPS technology and their promise to plant a tree on every 100 bike rides. They also solve the pollution problem and are cutting down the 1-billion-rupee fitness industry cost by making a healthy lifestyle very affordable. For 30 mins, you pay a meagre sum of Rs. 5 and for an hour, you pay ten bucks. They also have a monthly and an annual plan.

So now that you know how affordable and easy a fitness option can be, what are you waiting for? Forget expensive gyms or boring morning walks. Hire one of these super cool bicycles and start peddling your way to a healthy (and pollution free) lifestyle!

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