Mission 10,000 Birdhouses

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Bluewiss Environment Enrichers, a Pune based company helps people enrich the natural environment and promote a sustainable way of living. It was founded on the core principles of Conserve, Restore and Rejoice. To conserve what we have, restore what we have lost and rejoice in making a difference. Bluewiss believes that conservation and restoration of the environment can start at home through simple ways and means.

The rapid economic development leading to a hectic lifestyle and more resources in the hands of a few has left little room for eco-friendly living. However, Bluewiss believes that the ever-increasing costs of fuel, healthcare services, raw material, food, water and public amenities will compel people to look for simple, inexpensive and healthy alternatives such as the ones provided by Bluewiss. Taking forward their goal of restoration, they have a new mission to provide birdhouses to birds that were displaced due to urbanization. With this in mind, they thought of providing small spaces terraces, balconies, and gardens in homes for small birds like sparrows that nest in small cavities or artificial nest boxes.

It is with this objective that Bluewiss launched “Mission 10,000 Birdhouses” for Pune, one of the biggest citizen-driven initiatives to enrich the urban biodiversity. In a year’s time, they hope that at least 10,000 concerned citizens will put up a birdhouse in their homes and do their bit in restoring the lost biodiversity in their areas.


By buying a Bluewiss Birdhouse one can contribute to restore some of the lost biodiversity in one’s area. Birdhouses are meant for anybody who wishes to make a difference to the local biodiversity. By placing a birdhouse in a corner of your home, you not only gift a home to our feathered friends but also give them a chance to nurture and raise their young ones in our urban areas. A healthy avian biodiversity in your neighbourhood ensures balance among other elements of the ecosystem. Along with the Birdhouse they even encourage one to grow native and food giving trees. In this way, the biodiversity need not only depend on humans for its survival, but an ecosystem is created for all life forms to coexist.

Nature takes a long time to create a balanced ecosystem. But we can do our bit in this process by putting up birdhouses and provide a dwelling for our feathered friends.

Website: http://www.bluewiss.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Bluewiss

Address: Bluewiss Environment Enrichers Pvt. Ltd., 1, Gulmohar Regency, Near Datta Mandir, Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014

Contact: George – +91 9890066228,  Niranjan – +91 9623444108

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