Kothrud’s Beloved Shreeman just got a Fabulous Makeover, Pune!

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Pune peeps, when was the last time you dropped into the legendary Shreeman Restaurant & Bar at Kothrud? If it was quite recently, then you already know what we’re talking about, but if it’s been a while, then boy, are you in for a massive surprise, or what?!

Mr. Rajan and Kunal Udane

Shreeman’s founder, Mr. Rajan Udane and his son Kunal, decided to give the place an all-new, fresh look and vibe that’s all set to warmly welcome Kothrudkars and Punekars, now with family!

Founded in 1983, Shreeman has seen Kothrud and its people grow into the vast community it has now transformed into. Believe it or not, it was one of the first restaurants to have set up shop in the locality. It feels just right that the place itself would evolve with time and revamp into this classy, modern joint; a place for old patrons to call home and new ones to add to their must-visit-weekly list.



The all-new décor looks fabulously elegant, giving the space a young and fresh feel. They had us at the gorgeous green touch added to their outdoor section that’s visible as soon as you walk in!


Not only has Shreeman upgraded to a new look *insert heart eyes*, it also has a bigger and better menu, having added many more specialties to it.

Shreeman has always been known for its authentic regional food like Chicken Rassa/Sukka and their Gavran Chicken and Chicken Handi. They’ve now introduced Chinese and Tandoori dishes to their menu!

Shreeman Pune
Nalli Nihari

Here’s a special mention though- did you know that they also serve Nalli Nihari?! You’ve absolutely got to try it- authentic and soul-satisfying! While you’re at it, try the Pomfret Tawa Rawa Fry and Chicken Chettinad; the dishes are beyond delicious!

Pomfret Tawa Rawa Fry

So, if you’re living in or around Kothrud (boy, are you lucky!), we strongly suggest you head over to the revamped Shreeman for your next meal. And for all the others, you now have a huge reason to visit Kothrud. Go check the place out and tell us what you think! Don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Instagram, foodies!

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