Koregaon Park Food Trail – Part I

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After all my attempts at eating healthy and clean only, I finally came to a conclusion – life is too short to eat boring food! That’s when I decided it was time for some indulgence. Over one week, I hit about five different places in Koregaon Park – some new, some old, and all 100% yummilicious! I started with a classic and an all-time favourite – and after that, it was all experimentation! Here’s an offbeat list you would have never expected in the same article, because who wants to eat the same cuisine in the same week?

Arthurs Theme


I had to start with the all-time favourite in Koregaon Park, Arthurs Theme; a classy joint that serves drool-worthy continental food. I have tried several dishes here – from the starters, Emelie, lemony, thyme chicken with sesame seeds and breadcrumbs is one of my favorites. This time we tried their chicken wings cooked in caramel sauce, Duncan, and we were blown away! Their steaks are cooked to perfection and tender, served with exquisite sauces. I have loved pretty much all the steaks I’ve tried – my recommendations are Abel, cordon bleu style chicken steak, and Danielle, herbed carabeef served in pepper sauce. Although, I’ve been raving about the steaks here, the vegetarian options are equally good – their spinach risotto, Olga is love! Arthurs Theme is the perfect option for birthdays and anniversaries.


Lane 6, Cost for 2: 1300



We were feeling slightly experimental, and landed up at Kargo! They have a vast menu with several cuisines and extremely offbeat dishes and appetising plating. For starters we ordered the Galouti Kebabs; spicy, flavorful kebabs prepared with minced lamb, and the Potato Tatters Cake with smoked, roasted garlic chicken, which was something very different! For the main course we had the Gurkha Chicken, made with Nepali spices served with some naan and rice – the flavors were very unique! We also ordered an Orange-Lemon Stir Fry Chicken, which was a little sweet for my taste. For dessert we tried their Mango and Lime Pannacotta, blissfully creamy! Their bar menu is also rather reasonable from which I had the Rosemary Tangerine Martini which goes great with savory dishes. Sadly, they weren’t serving Nanzaas and Pita Pockets, so we’ll definitely be visiting them again!

Lane 8, Cost for Two: 900


Potato lovers in the house, put your hands up! Here’s a place you have to eat at if you’re looking for something out of the box. Murphies is a quirky little place that serves jacket baked potatoes with a variety of stuffing and toppings. My personal favourite is their zingy Mexican Murph, served with beans, peppers, babycorn, optional chicken/prawn, olives, jalapenos and topped with salsa and nachos. They also have a couple of regular dishes. We tried their Hot Wings (yummy!) and Cheese and Jalapeno Bites which, by the way, also had potato in them, and were oozing cheese! It’s the perfect place for catching up with friends over a bite.

Starbucks Coffee


Are you wondering what this is doing here? Nope, it’s not here by mistake. Starbucks’ food menu is actually rather underrated and pretty good for a quick bite! If you’re only a little hungry but not in the mood for the regular wrap or mini-burger, Starbucks serves delectable sandwiches, stuffed croissants, and cakes (red-velvet cake) to die for! Also, if you haven’t yet tried their new Frappuccino flavours, you are seriously missing out – their Mocha Ribbon Chip is heavenly! PS: did you know they’ve started comedy nights?!

North Main Road, Cost for Two: 800



Satisfy your munchies at Menchies – a place that looks like it’s right out of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – with SO many options of frozen yogurts and toppings and sauces! The first time here can be quite overwhelming with the number of options you’re given. Quite a unique concept for dessert in Koregaon Park, but because they let you choose all your bases, sauces and toppings (and want you to keep on adding more) you can end up making quite a yucky mess out of your dessert. Also, it’s on the more expensive side as it’s weighed per gram. Maybe have a set menu for the overexcited children who don’t know what they’re doing?

Lane 6, Cost for 2: 300 (I’d say 500)

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