This New Place is Setting Pune’s Dining Bar at an All New High

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With a new resto/bar opening up in the city every other week, what we’re looking for is places that stand out from the crowd; joints that offer Pune food/drinks that aren’t available at the corner of every alternate block. Kinki – Modern Asian Kitchen & Molecular Bar, does just that. Sandy Singh (of Prem’s, Euriska and Swig Bar & Eatery) introduced Kinki to Pune in January of 2017. The quirky name comes from a region in Japan, so no strange thoughts! Located at Balewadi High Street, the place’s eclectic and rustic décor with bright indoor and outdoor furnishings, along with tasteful music, make for a delightful dining experience. But what really makes Kinki a one-of-its-kind Resto-Bar in the city is its molecular drinks menu, not to mention that it’s one of the few places in Pune that serves authentic Pan-Asian cuisine, including Sushi that’s rolled to perfection. See what I mean? #Slurrrp Coming back to the molecular drinks, we tried the Tokyo Midtown, the Pablo and the Phojito. One of the most memorable aspects about kicking off with these cocktails was beginning them with a soup spoon holding little lemon and mint spheres, wonderfully bursting in the mouth! Amongst the Mocktails we tried was the Pearl of Caribbean Iced Tea. This one is for the non-alcoholics and designated drivers. Lemon flavored, light tea that tastes absolutely heavenly! On the left here is the Tokyo Midtown Cocktail. Served in a kettle surrounded with dry ice, this is quite the spectacle and a taste to match. Hey there, Pablo!

Let’s get to the food, shall we? Every table comes with a trio of dips, along with authentic Sriracha chili sauce, all the way from California! Word of caution- that stuff is effing spicy and yet so, so delicious, so consider yourself warned! I personally loved combining it with their crispy Prawn Crackers.

Next comes the Mud Crab Maki Roll. Let’s face it, our city doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to good Sushi. It’s either too expensive or just not rolled right. The Mud Crab Maki here is rolled tight, tastes great and would make the best of Sushi chefs of Tokyo happy.


The Prawn Tempura Bao: Bao is basically an Asian taco. The Prawn Tempura Bao here is soft, the prawns crispy and the wasabi mayo just does the trick! Do not miss this one!

Another must-eat is the Curry Ramen (Veggie/Chicken)- A flavorful bowl of ramen with your choice of veg or protein options in a Japanese curry with mushroom, scallions, and bean sprouts.

For its unusual cocktails, delicious and authentic Pan-Asian food and gorgeous décor, Kinki gets a huge thumbs-up on all fronts!


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