Just 8 Really Good Captures of Punekars Reading the News

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A few weekends ago, we started to get obsessed with pictures of Punekars reading newspapers. Strange obsession, we know, but if you scroll down, you’ll maybe know what we mean? They’re images we’ve saved on Instagram, and we use them only on weekends. Once photographers started to notice the trend, they started tagging us in similar pictures every Friday and as expected, our strange obsession grew to a point of publishing this. Enjoy.

Here’s a really peaceful one of an old Kaka immersed in his Crossword puzzle, captured by @artistiq_sujy


Then there’s this gem shot on a GoPro 5 by another gem of a photographer, @puneri_shutterbug



Here’s a floating Ravivar newspaper by mega talent @keddy53


Particularly love this frame by @_shubhamlahoti_


@theotherelement captured these three lives of multiple generations and we cannot get enough of it. And just in case you really are reading these lines and not just looking at images, the kind soul on the right is @gun_eat and he’s one of our favourite photographers in Pune!


A concentrated capture by @digvijay_.1400 of this fella’s deep concentration into the day’s news has our concentration for sure, by God.


This list would’ve been incomplete without a picture by @gun_eat who, again, if you’re actually reading these lines, is one of our favourite photographers on Instagram. His images are a treat to the eyes as well as a Puneri soul.


This dark edit by @brown_feed is how we’re signing off this weekend. Have a good one, you guys!


Hope you enjoyed this unusual piece on a different take on Pune pictures! Continue tagging us so we can continue showing people what Pune and Punekars are all about!

Feature image by @puneri_shutterbug via Instagram. Well, actually, they’re all via Instagram. Happy weekend! 

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