Israel’s Outstanding Music Band Buttering Trio is About to Hit Pune!

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Buttering Trio is one of the most successful musical groups in Israel and they are on their way to PUNE! Presented by Mixtape, Tel Aviv’s popular musical outfit, they’re all set for their India tour this February. The trio will perform in four cities including slots at Vh1 Supersonic in Pune, and ending their tour with the Udaipur World Music Festival.

On February 10, the trio will be in Pune for VH1 Supersonic and you DO NOT want to miss this show, Punekars!

Buttering Trio are three gentle souls from Tel Aviv trying to bring the funk to the desert; heavy beats, fat bass lines and sweet yet poignant lyrics. What started out as studio jams in a smoky basement in Berlin evolved into a world-wide-touring musical success!


We’re looking forward to welcoming them to Pune this weekend! Book your spots!

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