India’s First Public Storage Facility Launches in Pune


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Pune finally has a public storage facility, India’s one of its kind, situated near Hinjawadi. Launched by Mr. Aditya Kale, Managing Director of Imperial Logistics, under the brand name ‘Storage Solutions’, the facility is marketed, operated and managed by the company.


Storage space at the facility can be rented by citizens who’re looking to move, relocate, refurbish, travel for long periods of time, or simply need to store things that one doesn’t want to sell, but also doesn’t have enough space for in their homes/offices. Not only can one store personal and household goods, one can also store office goods like files, documents etc., along with large or small equipment.



When I asked Aditya about how he came up with this brilliant idea, he says, “A public storage facility is the need of the hour for a city like Pune as property rates have skyrocketed and people can’t afford bigger houses. Moreover, a lot of homes have numerous household items that aren’t actually used, occupying space unnecessarily; people can live spaciously if such items are stored in a facility like ours. In the recent past, we’ve come across so many people who were renovating or repainting their homes and were facing challenges finding a place to store their goods. We also came across some people who were headed abroad for work and needed such a space to store their household goods. What better solution than a public storage facility, right here in the city!”.

Having been in the warehousing business since 2012, Imperial Logistics owns over a Lakh sq. ft. worth of warehousing space in and around Pune and Mumbai.

Storage Solutions Pune

The facility in Pune houses lock-and-key cabins measuring 50 sq. ft. as well as customisable storage cabins. They also have high quality polypropylene box storage which is durable, water and pest proof and used to store small-sized goods. Furthermore, they specialise in business storage that’s meant for records and documents’ storage management. All goods are stored under strict, 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras.


In addition to the storage services, if the needs arise, the team will also help you pack the goods and carry out pick-up and drop services!


The facility is easy to rent and very cost effective. Here are some of their costs (taxes over and above):

  • Lock-and-keys cabins sized 50 sq. ft. cost Rs. 4000 per month. If you require additional space over that, the rates are customised.
  • One-time transport costs through a large Tempo is Rs. 2999 and a small one is Rs. 1999 for pick-up of the goods and the same rates to deliver them back.
  • Box storage sized at 2ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft costs only Rs. 250 per month. If you require pick-up/drop of the small goods, the cost is Rs. 300 per box.

Rent Procedures

Whether you rent a storage space for one month or three months, the rent is to be paid during the first week of the month, each month.

Some interesting facts are that if you rent space for six months, there’s a 50% discount on the sixth month and you get free goods’ insurance if you rent for over three months!

If you rent a space for 12 months, the last month’s rent will be waived off, so you actually only pay for 11 months, but your goods will be stored for 12 months.

About the founder, Aditya Kale

Aditya Kale

Aditya was a Naval Engineer by profession and specialised in Nuclear Propulsion. After serving in the commercial Navy for two and a half years, he decided to quit and study further. He got a Masters in Supply Chain Management from Newcastle University, United Kingdom. He then worked in London for a year, before coming back to Pune and starting Imperial Logistics. He is currently the Managing Director of Imperial Logistics and Imperial Supply Chain Solutions LLP and has just added Storage Solutions to the former’s kitty!

For storage inquiries, you can contact 9657711666, email them on and also follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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