In Support of Shutter Down

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How does a Punekar tell it’s 2PM? By looking at the shutter going down at any of the Chitale sweet shops across the city, of course!

A lot has been made about shops and businesses in Pune being closed during afternoon hours but no one talks about the science of doing so.

As proud Punekars, we have always been in the forefront of research as well as staying fit and healthy. After all, we have the luxury of space (not like some other metros, you know) as well as time (again, other metros be reading with jealousy) to exercise in the morning, take a walk or a hike, eat a leisurely breakfast and start work at 10 AM. But our passion for health does not stop there. A nap in the afternoon after a one-hour lunch break is equally important, no?


Now, now! I get it that it’s not possible for the working class to redeem the benefits of a mid-day nap. But for homemakers, students, and other Punekars working from home, an afternoon nap is a great idea. So, I would like to highlight the innumerable benefits of a siesta in the afternoon:

1. Lowers blood pressure so good on the heart – a plus for customers so that shopkeepers can give service for years to come.
2. Lowers stress, so sarcasm and irritation of catering to customers can reduce – another benefit to customers so that they don’t have to face the wrath of a businessman.
3. A nap is a mini-vacation, ideal for rejuvenation – after all hurling insults is a tiring job.
4. Increases alertness and can extend it for longer during the day – the impact of sarcasm is at its peak when delivered in a crisp sentence without a moment’s delay, so this is very important, no?
5. Sleeping in the afternoon after a meal also ensures awesome digestion.

So वामकुक्षी like kings YO!

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