In Conversation With Radhika Apte at Pune’s GAP Launch

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Luxury is firmly seeping into Pune and international brands are making a beeline for the city. GAP launched it’s first store in Pune at Phoenix Marketcity yesterday. And, to shoot the glamour quotient soaring high, Radhika Apte marked her presence at the launch. As she has a strong connection with Pune, a little chat with her was a must! Excerpts…

You hail from Pune. What do you miss about the city? 

I have lived here for 25 years of my life. I miss my family, friends and definitely the weather. I have many fond memories. I remember hanging out on FC road and frequenting Chandni Chowk, which is so crowded now. I have to admit the city has changed a lot.

How do you feel about launching Pune’s first GAP store?


I love GAP! I used to shop GAP clothing from abroad before. I am so glad they have opened in India now. I made my first GAP purchase in 2006 and two years later I was gifted another piece of GAP. Today, also I will shop here. (She was the first customer.)

What is your favourite kind of outfit?

Trackpants. Anyday!

Who do you think is the most stylish in Bollywood?

There are many. (Pauses) I think Ranveer Singh is awesome!

Other than acting, what are you passionate about?

I really enjoy reading, travelling and cooking.

You are known for your quirky film choices. What is your criteria of choosing movies?

Honestly, it’s just my instinct. No pattern as such.

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