In Conversation with Milind Soman

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Milind Soman simply has to smile and he already makes the people around him confident of getting to the finish point of any run.

At 50, Soman is the epitome of how to live right and enjoy life. After holding the Ironman title, Soman believes that everyone should have a positive and go-get-it attitude. “It’s just that people don’t simply believe in themselves. All one needs is a push in the positive direction and you will achieve your dream,” states Ironman.

He was in Purandar to promote Royal Purandar, where 200 women ran with him in the misty morning in the most beautiful, scenic location of this residential project near Pune.

“I am happy to be associated with anyone who wants to promote sports,” states the National Swimming Champion.


He states that everyone has a choice to live healthy. “Everyone knows what’s good for them but somehow they miss the clues. It is all there in front of you – exercise, eat the right kind of food and once you have developed a discipline you will be able to lead the life you want. But we are compromised by many things. It is only when you have understood your abilities that you begin to push yourselves to the limit.”

Running is what Milind feels has turned his life around. “I am naturally inclined to sports since a young age. For a while, work brought in terrible habits and I felt terrible about myself thus I worked hard on releasing the bad habits.”

Running comes easily to the Ironman. “It is the cut off of 16 hours which makes it tough. It took me 15 hours to finish the Trialathon.”

His next attempt is to try the Ultra Man Trialalthon, where the first day is a 10 km swim, and 140 km cycling, second day is 280 km cycling and 84 km run. Each day the cutoff is 12 hours. To win this race, what one requires is the speed of one’s recovery. It is not about diet; eat everything that you feel good about.”

Soman stays away from all refined foods and sugar. “It is easy to give up on things, like I used to love eating chocolates so much so that I could eat 250 kg of chocolate at one go. But I have lost my taste for it and I don’t even miss it any more. All you need is positive thinking and to feel happy about what you have in life.”

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