IKEA Launches Online Store in Pune!

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Smart move, IKEA! Instead of going through the long and tedious process of erecting a large store in the city, Ikea launched online shopping for Punekars recently.

After its physical store launch in Hyderabad and then an online store launch in Mumbai, Punekars have been eagerly waiting their turn and now the time’s finally here!

Pune will have access to over 7000 products online. It usually takes anywhere between 18-24 months to build a physical store for them and while they haven’t shared store plans for Pune yet, at least we have online access now.

About 8 years ago, IKEA had promised to build 25 large stores in the country, but they’re now looking ay multi-retail models instead.


“We need to be much more accessible to many people, which means adopting a true omni-channel approach. This means the big stores and small formats in the big cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, and then also having an online approach,” said IKEA India’s CEO, Peter Betzel.

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