If Deadpool Comes to Pune

Pool भाऊ

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A bunch of us were having a few drinks last night and, as it usually happens, we got to this totally plausible topic. So, what do you think would happen if Deadpool came to Pune? Here are some of the things we think will happen!

Pune Deadpool

  1. Just like us, he’d probably break all kinds of traffic rules. The only difference is that he can do it without the fear of dying, because Deadpool can’t croak. Although, I’m secretly hoping he’ll cure our traffic woes instead while he’s out here being a temporary proud Punekar.
  2. If our Puneri traffic cops asked Deadpool for his driving license or PUC, he’d probably just ask them for theirs. Pool भाऊ knows no traffic काका fear.
  3. Deadpool is the father of all the mothers of sarcasm. He’ll probably realize how much we love it too, and give us a little crash course for a whole new level of zing. Won’t lie, I’d take the course.
  4. Deadpool is a go-getter. He’s the one person who could get Pune Warriors qualified for the IPL. Deadpool – 1 Dhoni – 0 (soz, Mahi).
  5. Deadpool is the one person who can say really awesome things about Mumbai and actually get away with it. Because who wants to diss someone THAT amazing, right?
  6. After a good day’s work, what with getting through Pune’s traffic, meeting our cops, the sarcasm crash course AND getting us into the IPL, you’ll definitely find him at Pyaasa. Nothing like a few post-midnight drinks after a long day in Pune.
  7. The man makes sure he treats everyone like family (just like us). By the time he’s done with Pune, we’re all going to be one big happy family, for sure. A girl can dream, yes?

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