How to Donate or Request for Plasma in Pune

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For several weeks now, Pune Police Commissioner Dr. K Venkatesham has been requesting Covid-19 survivors to donate their plasma to help Covid victims.

What is Plasma and how does it help? It is the liquid component of the blood that carries cells and proteins through the body. If a person has fully recovered from Covid-19, their blood plasma contains antibodies that helped fight the illness. Post recovery, it can help others do the same.

The Pune Police Commissioner’s office launched for citizens to donate or request for plasma.


Once you register on the website and provide your details, you will be able to ask for plasma, or donate your own. Providing your location will help connect you to the right match closest to you.

The city’s authorities encourage recovered people to donate their plasma and we hope more and more people come forward.

Even if you haven’t been infected by Covid-19, you can still donate your blood. There has been a drastic reduction in blood donations since the pandemic started and you never know who you might help!

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