How Pune Changes a Non-Punekar

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Every year, our city welcomes youth from all over the country with open arms. But, living away from family for the first time can be an experience which definitely brings about some massive changes in one’s personality and remains a lesser talked about aspect. We spoke with students who have migrated to Pune about the changes in them and their lifestyle.

Ankit Gohel

With an aspiration of excelling in the field of journalism, I arrived in Pune for my higher studies a year ago. I lived a totally different lifestyle in Akola, my native place, of being silent and not mixing up with people. One year down the line, after living the Pune lifestyle I have “opened up”. Yes, no doubt, this city has changed me a lot. The shyness in me has vanished. I came across different people from different places and learnt their varied thoughts and feelings. I learnt to understand people. This city has given me many life experiences, which I will never forget.

Luvleen Bharaj


When I came to Pune, I actually found the vibe similar to my place- Jamshedpur. However, after coming here, my horizons have broadened because of seeing different lifestyles. I have realised that your lifestyle does not define you as a person and I even made close friends with people who are opposites of me and I love their company. I also wish to settle in Pune forever because the city embraced me with a lot of love.

Surabhi Vasan

Staying on my own was my dream and it fulfilled when I shifted to Pune from Allahabad. Pune has liberated me. People are so warm that they would smile at you and help you, even if they do not know you. I had heard that Pune is very safe but now I know this as a fact. I could roam around even after 10 pm without feeling anxious and that is the best part about the city.

Rahee Patil

I shifted to Pune from Mumbai over a year ago. Although I live in Loni, which is on the outskirts, Pune has changed my life. Since it was my first time living away from my home, away from family, I was really nervous about this huge move. But, as I started living here, I realised that this city is very welcoming. It makes me feel comfortable and vibrant. I feel safe here and it has changed my perspective about night life. I always lived a dull life, but since I have shifted here, I have changed. I am more experimental and enthusiastic to try new places. It’s liberating. This city has changed me in all the positive ways!

Kishan Sahu

I hail from Nagpur so shifting to Pune was an easy decision because of proximity to my place. My parents have pampered me rotten and I wanted  to go someplace where I could test myself by separating myself from luxuries. After coming here, I have matured so much. I have become very independent and the city has allowed me to nurture that quality. Moreover, taking care of my flat has actually made me responsible. I can never let go of Pune from my life because it has taught me so much.

Juhie Bharadwaj

I adore my Indore but I adore Pune even more. I have always been an explorer and Pune has given me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people with different bandwidths. As the city is cosmopolitan, it has educated me about different cultures and helped me soak in all kinds of energies. Also, I love the fact that I can find any cuisine here which is not a common luxury in other parts of the country.

Kandarpa Koch

I am from Manipur and I have to admit, I was very anxious while moving here. But, my worries vanished when I went to trekking to Singhad with my new roommates and this way the ice was broken. As I have always been surrounded by mountains, the expedition to hilly areas around Pune give me solace and a homely feel. It is rightly said that don’t presume things about a city until you live in it.

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