Here’s Why Pune is so Magical During Christmas!

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A cozy sweater, marshmallows swimming in mugs of hot chocolate and festivities just around the corner is what the month of December is all about. Pune never fails to impress its newcomers, but there’s just something in the air around this time of the year that makes it feel charming more than ever before. As fun as it is to pack your bags and run away to the nearest resort or weekend getaway, here’s why I urge you to stay put this time. Also, if you’re not a Punekar, here’s why you might want to come down to this charming little city this Christmas.

The city is all dressed up!

Everywhere you go, and everywhere you look, you’re reminded that it’s Christmas-time.  Streets are lit up with fairy lights making even a walk feel magical. Shopping areas are lined with Santa caps sported by all the street vendors. On the busy streets, you’ll definitely spot at least one really thin Santa who is most probably selling Santa outfits and caps! “Merry Christmas” wishes jump out at you from all the store windows.


Mulled wine and more!

Your favourite restaurants will ensure that your Christmas is neither dry nor drab! You’ll be welcomed with gorgeous Christmas trees and twinkling lights. Restaurant menus consist of some Christmas specials including mulled wine, plum cakes, puddings and pies, custards and so many other yummies! Not to forget, several of our favourites like Conrad, JW Marriott and EVIVA are already gearing up for the last brunch of the year!

Christmas Eve Parties

The fact that this Christmas Eve is on a Saturday night makes it that much better! Christmas-themed parties with secret Santa games, eggnog, and mistletoes are sure enough to make the coming weekend a happening one! Penthouze will be hosting a white Christmas while PlayBoy Beer Garden goes all out for the entire weekend. Pull out those LED reindeer ears because you’ll definitely need them to complete your cute Christmas outfit this weekend!

You can flaunt them stockings

You know those pinterest-worthy outfits that we’ve all thought of? That thin knitted sweater, paired with a woolen skirt, stockings, mid-rise boots and an oversized coat can actually be worn in Pune weather. While this kind of outfit seems like a distant dream to those who live in colder cities like Delhi, and a nightmare to the residents of Mumbai where it never gets cold, Pune’s weather in December is actually perfect! So flaunt them cute winter outfits!

Seasons’ greetings, you guys! 

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