Have you Checked out These Old Book Stores in Pune?

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Bibliophiles in Pune are always on the lookout for undiscovered bookstores. In the technological age of the Kindle and smartphone reading apps, the beauty of feeling printed pages is fading fast. Also the trending TL;DR syndrome (too long; didn’t read) is killing the simple joy of reading.

And although technology has made literature easily accessible, it’s taking away the efforts of actually browsing through a bookstore and then settling on a new read. The hunt for a new book is a part of the reading journey, and our phone screens have reduced that journey to easy pixels. But fear not, books haven’t entirely been wiped off from the face of the earth, and bibliophiles can breathe a sigh of relief. What’s more, you have this list of old bookstores in Pune which you can explore. Check it out!

Pragati Book Centre | ABC



Appa Balwant Chowk, or ABC, is the mecca for booklovers. It’s the go-to lane for buying educational or college books, however, Pragati Bookstore is slightly different. Apart from the college books, they also hold a massive and impressive collection of books which you would definitely be interested in.

Express Book Service | Camp


Started in 1940s, Express Book Service is one of the oldest and the most versatile bookstores in Pune. Their collection includes Agatha Christie, cookbooks, National Geographic books, travel guides, comic books, fiction, self-help and many other literary gems.

The Word Bookshop | Camp


It might be tiny, but this store located on Bootee road in Camp is quite popular. The shop houses a huge collection- from children’s section, to art and architecture, to fiction and non-fiction, there’s something for every bibliophile. The store also offers subscriptions to international magazines like Times, Cosmopolitan, and a few other noteworthy names.

Akshardhara Book Gallery | Bajirao Road


If you want to explore or rediscover your love for Marathi literature, Akshardhara Book Gallery is the place you definitely need to check out. The store has an enormous collection of Marathi literature, ticking every box when it comes to the genres a book store must comply to. A good place to start with if you’re planning to start your own book collection.

Feature image by Smitha Devara via her wonderful blog! 

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