Good Food, Delish Drinks & Live Music – June is Sorted

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When you think about getting out for a nice dinner, how do you pick the place? Your checkboxes will probably be good food, drinks, service and ambience. With so many places to pick from, so much competition, just good food doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s definitely the first checkbox, but there’s got to be something more. Do you agree? Here’s a place that ticks all of your checkboxes, and how!

  • Fusion Food Fest

This one’s the big one in the month of June! Cafe 1730 will be hosting a Fusion Food Festival starting 16th June up until 30th June! If you’re excited about this one, stay tuned because we will be especially providing detailed info right before it’s about to kick off!


  • Lunch Buffet

Who says you can’t treat yourself any day or every day? Cafe 1730 hosts The Lunch Buffet from Monday to Friday, 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM where they serve the ultimate meal! You know what they say about the ultimate meal right? It gives you complete satisfaction of flavours, quantity and price (of just 499!*) with a welcome drink!

  • Happy Hours

What else could make you happier than HAPPY HOURS?! Enjoy a buy one get one free EVERYDAY at Café 1730 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM on selected brands! Cheers!

  • Unplugged Wednesdays

Midweek unwinding cannot look any better than this! Good food, a couple of drinks and live music (starting 8 pm onwards). Take a look below and plan your Wednesdays for the month in advance !

7th June

Band – Nu-Edge

14th June

Band – Anup Murarka

21st June

Band – Nu-Edge

28th June

Band – Anup Murarka

  • Saturday Night Live

After a long week of hard work you deserve more than just a decent meal. How about a grooving Saturday night with the best of food, cocktails and live music! Not much of a Saturday night person? You’ll love this one anyway because it starts nice and early by 7 PM!

  • Sunday Brunch

Sundays are technically the first day of the week. So start off your week on the right foot with the Sunday Brunch with Live Music at Café 1730 from 12 PM to 4 PM.It is the ultimate fiesta that can’t be more perfect for your day time shenanigans. A bit of a jig, some grooving and jiving guaranteed!


Stay in the know, Pune! 

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