Game of Thrones Actor Recently Visited NFAI in Pune!

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Pune people, how many of us became huge fans of the character Bronn in Game of Thrones? Jerome Flynn, the actor who played Bronn was recently at the National Film Archive of India in Pune! Before we tell you why, just in case you don’t remember who Bronn was, here are some of his most-loved quotes from GoT!

“Now, go drink until you feel like you did the right thing”
“You waste time trying to get people to love you, you’ll end up the most dead man in town”

There are so many more, but 90% of them include some serious profanity, so we’ll stop.


Well, Flynn was in town last Friday (Nov 29) for the screening of a documentary called A Prayer for Compassion. He’s one of the executive producers of the film, which is directed by Thomas Wade. The feature length documentary is about aligning spiritual and religious beliefs with compassion for all life.

Flynn has visited India before on a quest for spiritual enlightenment. He was at the Bodh Gaya in Bihar for a month of meditation sessions.

When asked about whether he misses playing Bronn in GoT, he affirmed, saying he had the best lines!

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