Food Review: Sigree Global Grill

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Sigree may not come across to you as a new name in the city. With its branches located at Dhole Patil Road and Aundh, Sigree is synonymous with fine dining (and crowd magnet, if we may say so). We gave a go to the Sigree restaurant located in Pimpri, on the second floor of the City Center Mall. The restaurant is relatively spacious and has a lovely ambience. Here is how the experience at the place known to serve amazing grill food went…


[divider ]Ambiance[/divider]


As you usher in, you’ll notice tables with a hole in between, intended to add the grill that lets you enjoy freshly smoked starters, right on your table. The place has a posh feel and as we visited it during a weekday, it was less crowded, meaning you can enjoy your food in peace. Even on weekends, we hear that the Pimpri branch is quite peaceful, compared to the hustle and bustle for the table one has to experience at the Aundh branch. On one side is the chef counter, a bar and the dishes available in the buffet menu while the tables are set on the right-hand side of the restaurant.



[divider ]Food and drinks[/divider]


There’s a long list of veg and non-veg starters in the menu that Sigree offers. The variety is seen in the drinks section too and, the prices are not too affluent. The menu offered for buffet keeps changing and offers various dishes that can be included in the main course food items.

A list of what we had:

Welcome drink: Mango Punch (goes down excellently with the starters)

Soup: Twi bean tomato Herb Broth (okay)

Falafel (okay)
Corn Olive Pizza (not as good as one expects!)
Peri Peri Fish Fingers (best dish in the house! Never have I tasted a better fish starter. If you’re a fish and chips fan, you’ll love it as much as I did.)

Grills on the table:
Pineapple shashlik (very different taste. Worth a shot.)
Mediterranean Paneer (okay)
Adraki Murg Tikka (hmmm..)
Malai Murg Tikka (tasty but not as much as one would expect!)
Harissa Grilled Chicken (okay)
Basil Fish Tikka (tasty)
Jeera Gosht Seekh Kebab (quite good)

Main Course:
Paneer Dum Methi (okay)
Murg Mirchi ka Saalan (good)
Fish in Thai Green Curry (good)
Butter Nan (well-cooked!)
Gosht aur Ande ki Biryani (that’s how they named it! The mutton biryani, in simple words. Quite okay.)

Rice Kheer (wonderful. Very close to the homemade kheer.)
Chocolate peanut Mousse (amazing!)
Blueberry Cheese Cake (okay)
Chocolate ice cream (the toppings available made it better)

Quite a wholesome meal, right? Oh, and there is a red and green dial that is kept on the table. When the green side is up, the waiters keep bringing grills and starters. If you want to say, “Stop it already! Pot bharlay”, turn the red side up.

Tip: Try skipping the main course completely. Giving up on the starters and stuffing yourself later with the main course doesn’t help, you miss out especially on the tasty dishes, Peri peri fish in particular!!


[divider ]Service[/divider]


Prompt. Especially for the starters, the dishes are served as soon as they see an empty plate. The waiters are helpful and do not mind even if you ask them to bring the Piri Piri fish the 5th or 6th time. 🙂


[divider ]Verdict[/divider]


The Pimpri Sigree is great. Even though most foodies would prefer the branches located in their vicinity, if one has to go down to that part of the city, it is a good option for having a wholesome meal! If, otherwise, you’re looking for a quiet place with the quality Sigree provides, the commute to Pimpri is worth it.


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