Flamenco Performance at PIFF 2017

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The beauty of Flamenco, the traditional dance from Spain added colour to the 15th Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) opening ceremony. Dancing to the strumming tunes of the Flamenco guitar of Carlos Blanco and the Indian sitar by Subrata De was Monica De la Fuente. This performance was a celebration of the 60 years of the Indo-Spain relationship.

This performance is the culmination of a project called “Rasa Duende”, based on Spanish poet Garcia Lorca’s poetry. “In this project, we combine different languages and art forms to bring his poetry to life,” explains Dr Guillermo Rodriguez Martin, Director, Casa dela India. The performance for PIFF was a mix of Flamenco, a traditional dance form from Spain which has its roots in the Gypsy style of dancing found in Rajasthan and contemporary dance. Monica who is an exponent in Indian dance forms Bharat Natyam and Kathakali feels that the dances forms of India and Spain have a lot in common. “In fact, our lifestyle has many things in common and we derive our actions and dance from everyday life.”

Carlos, who was on the guitar, felt that performing for such an event is very prestigious and that it is was interesting to see the audience’s reaction to the foot tapping music.

Subrata De, who accompanied them on the Sitar, says, “There is a fantastic vibrancy when you play with flamenco guitar and dancers. The music transcends all boundaries and there is so much room for abhinaya and other rasas to be shown through this form of dance. I enjoyed being part of this show.”


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