Finding the Best Hospital which will Suit Both the Mom and the Child

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When I was pregnant, there were a lot of decisions I had to take. Luckily, I had my aunt by my side who has three children all through natural delivery. You might wonder why I am talking about natural delivery here. Is there an artificial delivery? No. But there is C-section, which is considered induced delivery. Why are most of us behind natural delivery and why c-section has only recently gotten this “good name”?

Like all traditional practices, natural delivery was considered as the most natural form of delivery which is good for both the mom and the child. But as decades passed, expectant mothers started developing complications, which resulted in increased c-section deliveries. Quite recently, people have voluntarily started to opt for a c-section due to the less painful nature of it and to avoid later complications.

When you are choosing the best maternity hospital in Pune or any other city you belong to, it is very important to understand that it becomes super crucial to choose one which fits both the mom and the child. If a hospital does not have a pediatric facility, it is bad for the child as he or she grows up. Most of them are comfortable in switching hospitals after birth but what if you had world-class facility for both maternity and pediatrics at the same hospital?

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Let us see some of the must-haves that a hospital should have to be the best for both mom and the child:

  • Look for the expertise the hospital possesses. Some of the best pediatric hospitals in Chennai have maternity expertise in the same complex. This will help you get in line with the treatments they have to offer.
  • Friendly staffs and transparency are welcome any day. This will be the most pleasing thing any hospital can offer as it only makes things easy for us but also gives the much-needed peace of mind.
  • Cost could be one parameter which might worry you if you are into budget planning. There are a lot of hospitals which are offering flexible EMI plans and offers which can actually ease the pressure on your finances.
  • Proximity can be one thing you might want to consider as it can be a factor. You might not travel for long distances. When the child is growing up, he or she might need frequent checkups and distance could be a pain. Hence find hospitals which are nearer to you.
  • The expertise of the doctor is also important. Most hospitals give us the liberty to choose the doctor we want to consult with and also provide a way to change the doctor if we are not happy with him/her.

These are some of the things which we need to consider before choosing the right hospital. This is the first investment you can make for your child and for the future of your family. Talking to your family and friends before taking a decision could clear up your thoughts.

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