FASTag Glitch, Pune-Mumbai Travellers Paying Double or More Toll!

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Punekars, we bet some of you are part of the whopping Twelve Lac complainers on the FASTag website, demanding a refund of the extra charge you paid on the Pune-Mumbai expressway recently.

Just a day before FASTag was supposed to become mandatory for people traveling on the expressway, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways postponed the deadline by another month.

The FASTag, a radio-frequency identification sticker that’s to be stuck on vehicles and can be detected by scanners on toll plazas has been in use for two years now, but was not mandatory earlier. There used to be a toll plaza lane dedicated to FASTag users, but now all the lanes can read the stickers.

People who have been using FASTag for a while now never had a need to complain. But the recent increase in users led to a major glitch in the system. People have been complaining about the toll amount being deducted twice from their e-wallets.


In some cases, toll plaza operators have informed travellers that FASTag isn’t operational yet and collected cash instead. But the same people then witnessed a deduction of the toll amount via the FASTag service too.

There are so many people who haven’t even put in a complaint for a refund; lacs of people have faced this issue recently.

Mr. Suhas Chitnis, Project Director (Pune division) for NHAI said, “We have received a few complaints about the system not working efficiently and people having to pay toll in cash. But I have not come across any claim that the toll was deducted twice.”

He sounds pretty chill in face of the gravity of the situation. In denial much?

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