Fast and Furious 6

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The latest movie of the ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise is mean, with speeding cars, high-on-steroid heroes fighting steroid-overdosed villains, some beautiful dames (who take cat fights to an all new level) and leaves you thinking, “WTF, this is insane!”. FF6  is faster and more furious. However, the storyline gets lost in all the bling, very much like the previous movies.

Director: Justin Lin (When he says action, people don’t know if they have to act, do dhishum-dhishum or drive cars all baang-boong)
Producer: Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel, Clayton Townsend (These guys play lottery by investing in movies)
Writer: Chris Morgan (He writes.)
Vin Diesel (Like they could make an F&F movie without him)
Paul Walker (Giving John Abraham and Kirsten Stewart tough competition in the ‘I got only one expression’ department)
Dwayne Johnson (His Big Muscles would be an understatement! He brings WWE to an action flick)
Michelle Rodriguez (Letty is back)
Jordana Brewster (The woman to bring in the emotional “We’re Family” touch to the movie)
Tyrese Gibson (The Black Guy who is all cool and funny)
Chris Bridges (Black Guy who knows technology and hacking. Racist, am I?)
Sung Kang (The Asian Guy from Tokyo Drift who romances a hot girl and performs backdrop stunts. Don’t expect karate from this guy)
Luke Evans (The Villain who has plans that can have “dire consequences for the security of US”)
Gina Carano (She is a woman who kicks butts)
John Ortiz (He’s Mexican and he’s in jail, has to be a big Mafia Drug Lord)
Gal Gadot (The hot chick who doesn’t wear a bikini in this one. Disappointment)
Music Director: Lucas Vidal (He tries to make the over-the-top action seem believable and creates a feeling that everything is possible through the magic of music)
Cinematography: Stephen F. Windon (He does something)

Original Film (This tells us, the film is authentic and not a rip-off)
One Race Films (This tells us, there’s only one race in the movie)
Distributors: Universal Pictures (They distribute)


Verdict: 3.5/5

So, if you were smart enough or had too much time to loiter around in the theaters even when everyone rushed to the exits, you would have seen the last scene where Eva Mendez finds a document on a street racer who looks like Letty (Vin Diesel’s lover). That scene from FF-5  is the main plot of this one.

After the Rio heist, everyone’s happy and living the ‘happy retirement’ kind of life (only having retained their youth). Dominic Toretto is happily spending his cash in UK with his precious Dodge Charger muscle car (which he refers to as American Muscle) while his sister and her husband (are they married or are they just living together? I don’t remember) now have a son and live close by. After Domme and Paul (the cop-turned-street racer) give their “We’re done with street racing and all the loots. We are honest guys now” speeches, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (the cop) shows up on their doorsteps. He tells Domme that Letty might still be alive and that she has joined the gang of a former SAS Agent who has to be stopped or the world will end (what are the chances of that happening?). Domme breaks his promise of giving up his former life (for the movie would be no fun without it) and the team is called to do a job for their former enemy (The Rock kicked their ass in the previous movie and they pulled off an awesome escape in FF-5). This is all because Letty is still alive and Domme has ideals ,the “Even if a family member turns his back on you, you still stay by their side” kinds.

The movie seems to be a take from the story of Avengers (no this is not a rip-off, it’s original, remember? If no, scroll up a bit!) where one guy arranges a get-together of heroes (the best team) to fight a huge menace. Here, the heroes are replaced with people who drive cars really fast (yet no one participates in F1 Races or Rally Races) and perform breath-taking, unimaginable,  jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, dare-devil stunts like no other (I don’t know why I used so many adjectives when I could have just said Bollywood-like action). The story delves into the past of Domme and Letty and how they fight against all odds to stop the villains.

Like most Bollywood movies, do remember to leave your brains at home or else your logic will cloud your judgement (you’ll end up laughing at scenes where you should have been gasping on the edge of your seat).

From tanks, huge jets that never take-off, insanely-modified cars and cars driven insanely to what-not stunts and fight scenes, the movie is perfect to get your adrenaline rushing. Like most Bollywood movies, do remember to leave your brains at home or else your logic will cloud your judgement (you’ll end up laughing at scenes where you should have been gasping on the edge of your seat). The twists and turns are good and the writer has tried to put some sense in the storyline (he tried, but I believe the action scenes were shortlisted first and his job was only to piece them in order to make a story out of them).

Whatever that may be, it’s a Fast and Furious movie and so, if you’re someone who loves fast cars, dhishum-dhishum action and hot chicks, you don’t need any telling that you have to watch this one.

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