Fair Trade: Organic Living in Pune

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Plenty of times when we walk in the glittery aisles of multinational supermarkets, we barely give a thought to the source of the product we end up purchasing. The colourfully brilliant packaging and the convenience of picking something straight off the rack supersedes our awareness about purchasing products which have been sourced through fair trade.

Fair trade is where the producers or the farmers get better pay and their rights have been acknowledged. Fair trade is where the products are environmentally sustainable. In today’s times, by just a click of a button, one can embrace hugely popular and debated concepts like sustainable living, but very few of us are applying the concept in our daily lives.

We at The Punekar are proud to announce that our city now has its own little super market where fair trade goods sourced by local producers are sold. This precious little store is located in the heart of Pune. The store offers products from organic flour to a very environmentally-friendly toothbrush.


All the products are carefully vetted by the team that runs this shop. The team assists local farmers and small businessman who have ventured into ecologically sustainable products. The shop is run more like a collective wherein workshops are held for citizens of Pune and farmers to make them understand various concepts of ecological living.

Niranjan Upasani, Bhushan Patil, Hemal Patel and Sachin Inamdar are the initiators of this brilliant project. These men gave up very promising careers in the corporate world to achieve their dream of offering ecologically-sustainable solutions to Pune. We applaud their inspiring initiative, which provides a great platform to farmers, homemakers and businessmen.

I guess the Bhakri made out of organic floor from this shop will be a wee bit more delicious as the farmer who sells his flour at this shop sprinkles his love generously on his produce.

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