Eggcellent Breakfast Joints in Pune

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It’s not a Sunday if you don’t start with a killer breakfast! Neither Monday. Nor Tuesday… You get the drift. Here are some of the best (and reasonable) breakfast joints in Pune to hit for the perfect English breakfast to start your day.

Where Else Café


Where Else Café is one of my favorites for a late Sunday breakfast because where else can you have your eggs over a board game? They have a vast breakfast spread with a variety delicious stuffed omelets. They also serve French toast and pancakes for those who want to start their morning sweet, literally. For those who aren’t ready for a cheat day even on a Sunday, they have a separate health menu. Their al-fresco seating and cute, cuddly cats prancing around makes the place even better!



If you’re looking for a fancy breakfast morning in your sun-dress, and a cocktail, Terttulia is the place to go. They serve the fluffiest omelets in town, and their Eggs Benedict are a must-have! They also serve bagels, waffles, pancakes, French toast, and their freshly baked basket is heavenly goodness.

Café 1730


Café 1730’s breakfast menu deserves way more recognition than it deserves. It is perfect for a quiet breakfast out in the open on their deck. Their single page menu hits just the right spot, and they even let you customise your own fluffy omelet. In addition to this, they also have an in house bakery with breads and cakes. Their simple cappuccino is deliciously fresh and beats most of your CCDs!

The Flour Works


Looking for a breakfast with a twist? Try The Flour Works! With unique fillings for their stuffed omelets (like broccoli and mozzarella), they will give you just the break you need from the mundane. They also serve eggs a la Florentine, scrambled, frittatas, and eggs benedict. Not in the mood for eggs? Their stuffed crepes are equally amazing!


Prems offers you an extensive two-page menu for your morning munchies. Their breakfast bread basket is the first thing on their menu, and worth a taste – with an option of fresh croissants, Danish, muffins, doughnuts and banana cakes! Yum! If you’re an eggs benedict fan, you’ve hit jackpot, because they serve 6 different varieties! They have your regular stuffed omelettes as well and scrumptious smoothies to accompany them.

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