Digital Marketing Jobs and Skills in 2017 in Pune

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Digital marketing training is a booming business. Jobs such as Google AdWords professionals, Google Analytics, Social media managers, account managers, SEO, content writers and digital marketing strategists are plenty in the market. Also in demand are digital marketing trainers, yet the job or career scenario in digital marketing is a challenging one.

Noted brands from Pune find it extremely difficult to hire seasoned digital marketers. The problems stem from lack of enough resources in the market who have the right skills and neccessary experience in digital marketing.

We interviewed a few experts and here is what they had to say –

1. Candidates applying for a mid-level position such as experienced Google AdWords professional should understand the platforms well enough. Sometimes their knowledge appears to be bookish, which leads to them not getting hired.


2. Content marketers usually understand how to write flowery language, or use good vocabulary, but more is expected these days, especially in 2017. Market has evolved and brands expect more out of candidates now.

3. One should apply for a job after carefully reading the job description. Try to understand the companies’ online presence before applying or going for an interview. Make an attempt to find out their weaknesses and strengths and try to be informed about these properly.

Brands are looking for digital marketers who can put relevant skills to use in 2017, which will be a lot different than in 2016.

At times, interviewers are known to catch the interviewees by surprise. Simple yet tricky questions asked by experienced interviewers often throw the candidates off guard leading to incorrect or less than accurate answers.

To raise awareness about the digital marketing job scenario, careers, skill sets important for 2017, a community of marketers is organising a meet-up on digital marketing skills and careers on February 3 at ICC Trade Towers, SB Road, Pune.

Marketers from institutes like UpGrad (Founded by noted filmmaker Ronnie Screwvala), and Edupristine from Mumbai will be joining a panel along with many other digital marketing trainers, freelance trainers, and training institutes from Pune. There will be agencies and brands who are looking to hire marketers, who will also participate in this meet-up.

No one comes to this platform to sell their brand or services, but rather, this is a community platform organised by marketers working in different companies in Pune.

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