Dhoni’s #No1Yaari is one for the ages

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Here’s a fact of life… good friends are never separated by distance or time. No matter what, you can always pick up from where you left off. And that’s probably the best test of friendship. And that’s exactly what MS Dhoni has with his No 1 ‘yaars’ too! Just amazing!

MS Dhoni has had a busy career, traveling the world and winning India accolades. It’s natural that he would not meet his friends as often as he did or he would like to. But this is a film that proves just how true his friendship with his childhood friends is.

The video is set at “Chittu’s” wedding and that’s yet another proof that being friends is all about being there for friends on their important days.


MS Dhoni #No1Yaari
MS Dhoni #No1Yaari

The chemistry between friends is so amazingly captured that you can easily see yourself being one of the yaars. As a famous line in a movie goes, “Yaa to ye dosti sach mein bahut gehri hai, yaa to ye photo 3D hai!” We suspect it’s the “gehri dosti”!

The video (which you can also view here) follows the heartfelt conversations and periods of catching up between the three friends. Dhoni also comes to the rescue of Chittu who’s trying to negotiate rates from a decorator! And it works! This just shows us that away from the limelight, Dhoni is just one of the yaars… ever willing to do anything for them.

No short film featuring Dhoni can ever be complete without us seeing him in action. Albeit this time, it’s as a bowler. And he does knock his friend over unlike the “almost out” that they banter over. Honestly, it could have been any of us in the film. After all, friends are friends… famous or not!

Do you have such great memories with your friends too? We’d love to know more. And you also have a chance to meet with MS Dhoni himself. It’s all about #No1Yaari!

So buddies, here’s what you can do to meet MS Dhoni with two of your yaars – comment on the FB video on this page and tag two of your yaars.

Simple hai, yaar!

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