Design My Own Shoes? Yes, Please!

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I don’t know about you, but for me, “tailor-made” is a huge deal. If I’m paying a huge sum of money for something, I want it to not only look great and fit perfectly, but exhibit my personal taste. Seldom do you get a chance to play with the styles of products you’re out to buy. But, at Shradha Hedau Footwear Couture, it’s as easy as 123. Come up with the whackiest imagination and leave with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence. Brides and grooms in the city love her, for she is able to replicate their personal tastes into her work with ease and make their big day all the more memorable. The brand is the only in-house shoe manufacturing unit in and around Pune that offers immensely stylish footwear for fashion lovers all across the city. As a blogger, you can’t understand my excitement for this collaboration.


“The other day, a groom-to-be came to my office and asked to incorporate gold on his shoes. Can you believe it?”, asked the excited 25-year-old entrepreneur as I went through her latest summer collection at her store. After studying Shoe Making and Designing from London College of Fashion, Shradha started SHFC in early 2013 with an aim to put Pune on the international map. Girls who know their shoes will love her take on florals, blings and even ethnics for wedding wear.



Specialising, however, in Latin/Ballroom footwear, Shradha tells that at SHFC, there’s no limit to customisation! Come up with the rarest idea for your shoes and it’ll be done. The highlight of her collection is that every shoe has a Sanskrit name on her website, characteristics of which resemble the shoe. How. Cool. Is. That?


The store is located in Shaniwar Peth and Shradha, along with her team of skilled craftsmen, works day in and day out to give her clients the best solutions to their footwear fantasies. For this feature, I made a choice from her summer collection and tried a couple of the many vibrant shoes myself. Take note of the silver flats – they’re extremely popular among her clientele, she says. And why not? They’re so futuristic and out-of-the-box! Better get your hands on them before stock’s over!


Address: Shradha Hedau Footwear Couture Pvt. Ltd., 335, ABC/1, Shaniwar Peth, Pune

Shop her collection on Amazon here.

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