Confessions of Six Symbiosis Students

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Ah, Symbi, the most popular college of Pune that has a reputation of its own. Forget being one of the best institutes for education in the city, I’m talking about the fact that it’s become a style statement. It’s the party house that comes close to the college life depicted in Project X kind of movies. Minus the pool houses. Minus the 90210 fancy zip code. Replace with cramped little Viman Nagar apartments instead. Once being a prospective student of Symbi myself, I’ve always wondered exactly how crazy these parties were. I’m sure you have too, so I got in touch with some Symbi kids to find out! Read on!

Symbi Kid 2

Nothing really happened on campus, all this rave and party stuff was always in some cramped little Viman Nagar Appartment. Except, quite a few kids came to class stoned. It definitely wasn’t boring for sure. During a class this friend got bored and pulled out his BB gun. He went to the balcony and started firing rounds. He got called to the director’s office and was asked to empty his pockets of the bullets. Which was fine, but he accidentally also handed over his pot! I guess the director didn’t look and just put it in his drawer. I don’t know what happened after that. Maybe he smoked it, haha!

Symbi Kid 1


Uh, the house parties were the usual scene, some people would get pretty wasted, throw up, hook up, etc. It got a little out of hand sometimes though. This one kid smashed a table and had to leave the apartment.

Symbi Kid 3

The parties definitely got wild, sometimes it was scary. There was a get-together where someone fell off the third floor of the house after drinking. I don’t know the details, but it was all over the news. It’s sad. I also know someone who got arrested for buying drugs.

Symbi Kid 4

Like all colleges, there were some good teachers and some bad. Our permanent faculty was brilliant though, like, they really know their stuff. We had teachers from all over the country. The students are no less, not your standard classroom. There was one really bad teacher who wouldn’t give us presentations because she wanted us to take notes. So when she turned around, someone snuck up and stuck a pen-drive, copied all the notes and took it back!

Symbi Kid 5

Our teachers were super cool. Of course, not on campus, but outside. This one time our party got raided by the cops and we called a teacher who posed as the dad!

Symbi Kid 6

Okay, so this is the funniest incident I know of. There was this batch that was taken on a class trip to Jaipur. Now, you can imagine a batch traveling out of town together. It got crazy, it was all drugs, sex and rock and roll. So this one night, everyone gets smashed. This one guy has to go to the bathroom real bad, so for some reason, he just decides to pee on the balcony. He ends up peeing on the teacher!

Well, that’s about it. That’s all the stories I needed to hear for sure. Recognise any of these crazy kids as yourself, or your friend? Worry not, it’s all anonymous!  

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