Cologne Spa Opens An Outlet in Baner!

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Last Sunday rolled in with some good news for the residents of Baner! Besides Sunday being amazing as it is, this one was made more special with the launch of Cologne Spa in Balewadi High Street. Cologne Spa is a luxurious spa and salon that already has two other outlets in Pune; Koregoan Park and Bhosle Nagar. They offer a blend of unique therapies inspired by Western and Ayurvedic traditions that address the body’s physical, mental and energetic states.

In theme with their other two outlets, the brand new Balewadi Cologne Spa’s interiors are a perfect amalgamation of nature and luxury. Wooden interiors, dim blue and golden lighting, and spacious rooms with minimal furnishings softly whisper serenity. The moment you enter you can feel your aura change to that of utmost peace and tranquility.


The minute you step foot inside, all the noise of the outside world is drowned out. You’re welcomed in to the Spa with a refreshing drink and some wet wipes before being escorted to your room for your chosen therapy. The room is ready for you with soft lighting, candles and beautiful aromas, as well as relaxing music. You can feel your muscles give way to the professional and expert touch of the staff while you drift off to birds chirping in the background. You’re awoken with some sweet green tea and honey.

Cologne Spa is well known for their balanced variety of massages that help relax and relieve pain in the deepest of muscles. They also offer facials for all types of skin for men and women, foot reflexology and full body scrubs. The full body scrubs are rich in antioxidants that help exfoliate the skin, followed by a nutritional body mask and fully body massage. They also have a salon which is fully equipped for hair spas, highlights, rebonding/straightening, waxing and makeup (bridal) and more.

True to their motto, Pause and Unwind, Cologne Spa is the much-needed pause in our fast-paced lives. A pause that allows you to reconnect with yourself. A pause that lets your inner and outer beauty come back to life with luxuriant pampering. A pause that lets you unwind with the deepest of relaxation therapies.

Drop in to the new Balewadi branch to Pause and Unwind and avail introductory offers on various treatments as well as memberships!

Cologne Spa and Salon

3 Sharmin villa Opposite Siemens Off Balewadi high street, Baner

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