Chopper Rides Between Pune, Mumbai and Shirdi Start from Nov 18!

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Hail technology! Distances have been reduced due to several technological advancements and it’s just getting started! We would need months to travel from city to city on horseback, then came road and water travel and we reduced the time by quite a margin. With the invention of airplanes, we have just put long distance traveling to a check mate. The longest distance needs barely a day.

Pune-Mumbai travel once used to be a headache, for obvious reasons. The condition of roads impacted commuting more than anything. However, the Express Highway has changed the game. Bus or train travel is still a valid option, but according to the latest news, there will be an ace card approaching real fast. Helicopter travel, yes!


Fly Blade Inc. of the US, the largest arranger of helicopter flights for civilian travel have started its India operations (the first outside of the US) in March, with Pune, Mumbai and Shirdi being their first zone of operation. Starting November 18, we can start using their chopper services!


The first ride is all set to take people from Pune to Mumbai and then fly on to Shirdi and then return to Pune. Their inaugural prices for flying are Rs. 19,900/- for Mumbai-Pune and Rs, 18,900/- for Pune-Shirdi.

The best part about this service is that customers can avoid large commercial airports and can reduce travel time drastically. The four to eight-hour travel distance can be covered in a 35-minute flight.

Blade India has set up heliports and luxury lounges in all three cities. Their Pune heliport lounge is located in Mundhwa.

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