Brighten up your living space with a ‘Puneri’ touch

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It’s festival time and all that we can think of is celebrations; so what if it has to be at home, with a limited number of people this time.

Doing up the home is an integral part of our festivities, so we turn the spotlight on some traditional décor accents that boast of style and functionality in equal measure and most importantly, will help us follow the new mantra of ‘vocal for local’ by helping indigenous talent.

1 Jazz in copper and brass

Jazz in copper and brass

Heritage and copper/brass serveware go hand in hand. While nutritionists constantly underline the health benefits of using these utensils for cooking, we know that they can also add a rustic charm to the dining and kitchen spaces. The ‘Tambats’ (coppersmith community) have been an intrinsic part of the city’s heritage and the brassware available at the famous Tulshibaug has been adorning lifestyle spaces across the globe. So, whether it is intricately carved artifacts or shining serveware; these metallic goods are surely going to lift the festive spirit. 

2 Back to Stone Age

Back to Stone Age

Stone utensils and kitchen aids might be facing extinction in urban spaces, but interestingly, their miniatures are making a pretty comeback in the same spaces. Right from the grinding stone, mortar and pestle sets to kitchen utensils and oil lamps, these black beauties are quite popular and bring a touch of old world charm. If you are wondering where to look for the craftspersons or hawkers, a quick trip to the ever-bustling ‘Phule mandai’ should help!

3 Timeline photography

A classic touch to your walls spells sophistication and class. Imagine the impression a series of pictures depicting historically significant places of the city can make to your interiors. The sunset view of Parvati hills, a bird’s eye view of the Shaniwar Wada, a frozen frame of the Pune railway station, or an imposing structure of the synagogue are just some of the glimpses that can adorn your walls. 

4 Tradition meets design

Tradition meets design

History can also be recreated through iconic furniture pieces that exude regal grandeur, like the intricately carved jharokhas or flat teak wood swings upholstered by native Khunn fabric. A jhoola placed in the living area does not just allow fun moments but also becomes a go-to place for unwinding and coffee conversations. Last but not the least, traditional chandeliers in glass and brass are yet another way to usher in positivity. 

Adding heritage value to your home keeps monotony at bay and also serves a holistic purpose. It brightens up a few homes of the artisans along the way!

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