Bold is as bold does

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What is bold? Is it the ability to stand up for your beliefs? Or the ability to stand out in a crowd? Or perhaps the conviction to follow your dreams? It’s all these things, but to winners, it’s the ability to succeed, no matter what.

It’s been a while since this emotion has been so beautifully captured on film. Royal Challenge Sports Drink is showcasing stories of bold men and stories of bold women to highlight what an unsung hero goes through to succeed. Against all odds.

Led by Virat Kohli, this beautiful video not only makes you stand up and take notice (that’s bold, too, btw!) but highlights how these unsung athletes play bold and go for glory.

“Jis desh ki ragon mein khoon se zyada cricket daudta hai


Wahan kuch ansune ankahe irrade bhi daudte hain, khamoshi se.

Ansune anjaane par kisi se kum nahin”

This isn’t an aim to play down cricket or to crib about the attention it gets over other sports. It’s an ode to the unsung hero of India who battles apathy, systems (or the lack thereof) and continues to work to win glory for the nation.

As Virat Kohli rightly says in the video, these athletes don’t compete with just a handful of nations… they compete against hundreds of them… some with better opportunities, some with just as much fire in their bellies.

Success only comes to those who are willing to play bold. It’s not for the meek. It’s for those who will not care about the lack of support, but will make their own support. It’s for those who revel in every challenge – on the field of play and off it. Because to face these and to win, you need to be bold.

This is a video that captures the passion of the ambitious. Watch it here to know what moves these athletes to do so much more.

There are a many heroes being immortalized on celluloid at and you can watch them here. Go over and support them.

#PlayBold. It’s what you do to succeed.

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