The hunt for the best biryani


The favourite dish of almost all Punekars is the tasty and wonderful Biryani. Though it might have originated in Persia, derived from the Farsi word ‘Birian’ its in India where it found its true lovers. Others say the recipe developed in the kitchens of Mughal Emperors and the dish was served only to the royals. Whatever its history maybe, its taste is irreplacable. Biryani is the reason many people experience a weird phenomenon called the Foodgasm.

From the Nawabs of Hyderabad, Mughals, and now everyone in the world, biryani can make a content man hungry for it. The tasty rice with spices unimaginable, mixed with chicken/mutton/egg/vegetables and the lip smacking raita makes it a dish to relish and in a foodie culture like Pune, it had to be a big hit. Here is the list of the best Biryanis in Pune according to a survey by the Punekar.

George Restaurant

A non-vegetarians delight for sure. The place is packed almost all the time and every other table always has a biryani. A biryani here is plentiful and tasty and since Blue Nile lost its top spot, George has made its way as the choice of Punekars.

her latest blog Price: her comment is here Rs. 200 Chicken Biryani, Rs. 240 Mutton Biryani, Veg Biryani More about the author Rs. 160, Chicken Tikka Biryani ravidassia dating uk Rs. 210 (Must Try) Where: East Street, General Thimayya Road, Camp, Pune

rencontre libertine jacquie et michel Koyla

Biryani is best if its Hyderabadi style and these people pride themselves for the Nawabi ambience and taste. You get the feel of being in a darbar where you are treated like a royal and from the cutlery to the whiskey glass, everything is dazzling and royal. If you love Mughlai food and especially, you have to be here.

sfr et moi gratuit Price: Chicken Biryani Rs. 300, Mutton Biryani Rs. 325
Where: Mira Nagar Corner, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune

Amma’s Biryani

Though not so close to where most Punekars would live, the place is known for its food and is a must visit. The chef is Amma, who brings her family recipes to life and there’s no food like Amma ke haat ki Biryani.

Price: Chicken Hyderabadi DumBiryani Rs. 180, Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani Rs. 210, Veg Biryani Rs. 110
Where: Shop No. 3, Opposite Goodwill Orchid, Jakat Naka, Dhanori

SP Biryani

Sadashiv Peth is ofcourse the birthplace of Puneri sarcasm but its also synonymous with awesome Maharashtrian thali and food. But its not far behind in terms of Biryani, thanks to this place. They pride making their biryani in shudh desi ghee or as known in Marathi sajuk tup.

Price: Sajuk Mutton Dum Biryani Rs. 280, Sps Mutton Dum Biryani Rs. 260, Gavran Chicken Biryani Rs. 270, Broiler Chicken Dum Biryani Rs. 260
Where: 1472 Sadashiv Peth, Opposite SP College, Tilak Road.


Pune is a strange place. On the same road is a place called Samudra known for Veg Food and Nisarg known for Sea Food. Every dish here is tasty and expensive but its biryani is nice too. Though not the real Dum Biryani, I loved it and it had me going back for more.

Price: Mutton Biryani(Amazing taste) Rs. 330, Chicken Biryani Rs. 280, Egg Biryani Rs. 200
Where: Opposite Padale Palace, Nal Stop, Erandwane

Worth Mentioning

  • Shettys Fast Food, Yerawada
  • Zayka, Nal Stop
  • Tiranga, Paud Road,
  • GrubShup, Nal Stop,
  • Pathans, Paud Road (Amazing for Take away and huge quantities)
  • Dorabjees, Camp

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