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Ever wondered what goes into the impeccable service, the flawless food and the perfect ambiance at a restaurant? What it takes to put it all together? We have too. So we decided to wander behind the scenes of one of our current favourites, Café 1730, and find out for ourselves. Turns out there’s lots of stock keeping, inventories, training, some yelling, and some stress. But what really matters is, wait for it, drumroll please… THE TEAM! Bad-um tsss*

  • Pradeep Lama Tamang | Floor Manager | a.k.a. The Walking, Talking Menu


If you notice a perpetually smiling face at the restaurant, that my friends, would be Mr. Pradeep. He has been a part of Café 1730 for nearly two years and is extremely passionate about food. You can also recognise him by his extensive knowledge of the menu – point at ANY dish on the menu and he’ll be able to tell you what it’s made of, how it’s made, and the prep time!


His personal favourites are the Stuffed Cannelloni and the Mushroom and Corn Crepes. “All I want is for my guests to feel happy and have a good time,” Pradeep says.

  • Radesh Basumata | Bartender | a.k.a. Your New Best Friend

You know those delicious concoctions of happy juice that take any night from drab to fab? Those are curated by the brilliant Radesh Basumata. This exceptional bartender’s skills are entirely self-taught. He began his career as a steward, where he had memorised the drinks menu. One fine day decided to give mixing a whir.

Today, a sip of his cocktails and you’ll want to be his new best friend! He makes some killer Sangrias and Martinis; his own favourite drink is the Sweet Lime Jalapeno Martini.

  • Indrajeet Bapat | Designer, Social Media Manager, Events Organiser | a.k.a. The Jack of All Trades

Ask Indrajeet about Café 1730, and he’ll tell it’s ‘where it all began for him’. He started his career with the Café back in 2012, after which worked in the stock market and hardware networking before realising that hospitality was his true calling.

He’s taught himself how to design, is happiest when organising a successful event, and is the go-to guy for most tasks at hand. Throw him in a kitchen and he’ll come out with a plate of Italian pasta cooked from scratch! His own favourite dish is the Mixed Meat Lasagne.

  • Melba Sebastian – Head Chef | a.k.a. The Boss Lady


A soft-spoken, sweet, Goan lady who will show you the definition of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” if you mess with her kitchen. Melba is a perfectionist when it comes to her food, and a stickler for hygiene. What else would you expect after nearly 19 years of experience in the hotel industry?

Melba has always had a fascination with food and started cooking at the age of 14! Today, she holds a number of prestigious diplomas, but her food speaks the best for her!

  • Ravindran Mayan (Ravi) | General Manager | a.k.a. Plant Obsessed ‘Half Chef’


Ravi is the friendliest person you’ll meet at the Café with the broadest smile. Watch out, he’s also a bit of a mind reader, so don’t be surprised if he knows your order before you do. With more than 15 years of experience, Ravi knows his guests inside-out. While he’s not trying to sneak in more potted plants to the restaurant, he’ll be seen bickering with the chef, (and eventually giving in), thus earning him the title of ‘Half Chef.’

He has been a part of Café 1730 since inception; so you can take Ravi out of Café 1730, but you’ll never be able to take Café 1730 out of him! Actually, never mind, you’ll never even be able to take Ravi out of Café 1730. He eats, breathes, and sleeps it. PS: He also makes a killer coffee.

  • Harshendu Giri | Owner | a.k.a. The Midas Touch | a.k.a. Part Time Sound Technician

Harsh is the real behind-the-scenes guy; he manages everything in the background, while letting his team take the forefront. Only we know how we got an interview out of him!

He believes that it takes more than just money to run a business, you have to pay attention to detail. So, even if everything is just perfect, he still wants to fiddle and add his own touch. That’s one of the reasons he’s often mistaken for a sound technician, because the minute he enters the restaurant, he goes straight to the console to make adjustments.

What a fun team, no? If you can’t recognise them, then you haven’t been to Café 1730 enough! 

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